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      Toxin Level Testing and Body Detoxification

      Why Are So Many People Sick?

      Did you ever wonder why the rate of illness is increasing so quickly?

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      Children are sick. The rate of autism is exponentially increasing. Adults are getting sick. The rate of cancer is climbing. Alzheimer's rates are climbing. Why? Let us stop and think.

      What has changed over the past fifty years?

      • The number of chemicals produced has skyrocketed. These chemicals are not tested completely and surely not tested in combinations with other chemicals.
      • The number of preservative-filled vaccinations for all ages has jumped drastically.
      • Now you have a large choice of artificial sweeteners that your body ingests and does not know how to digest or process.
      • Plastics are in your body from microwaved foods and leaching plastic containers.
      • Tap water is contaminated with medications and metals.

      We eat genetically modified food (GM) and don't even know it (GM does not have to be labeled). No wonder we are tired, get sick often, and don't feel well!

      How does our body recognize that and process it?

      Unfortunately, when we are full of toxins, our immune system does not work well and we have alterations in our biochemistry and genetics. This leads to intestinal inflammation and poor absorption of nutrients. That leaves us with less-than-optimal operating systems!

      Many people are left with food intolerances and weakened immune systems. Autistic children often have gluten and casein intolerances. Those intolerances can present as a lack of language or delays in language, trouble sleeping , severe constipation or diarrhea, brain fog, stimming, tantrums, pain, headaches, rashes, etc.

      Adults have similar food intolerances and typically present with fatigue, headaches, depression, OCD, ADHD, chronic rashes, irritable bowel issues, bloating, etc.

      Many children and adults benefit from a thorough evaluation of the immune system and genetics, toxin removal, and nutritional and biochemistry support. People typically improve when the actual cause of the problem is addressed and corrected. The function of the body is corrected. This oftentimes does not require prescription medications that only address the symptoms. After all, do you think you could be deficient in Ritalin, Ambien, Colace, or Zoloft?

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