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      Do you go to bed and stare at the ceiling?  Does it take hours to fall asleep?  When you do fall asleep, do you stay asleep?   Are you up at 3 or 4 am wide awake?  Is your mind racing?  Going to the bathroom again?  Are you counting the minutes until you have to get up?

      This could be a sign of something imbalanced in your body.  Melatonin works well for some if they are melatonin deficient; however, may people are taking addictive medications to fall and stay asleep since melatonin does not work for them.  Other people take over the counter medications like Benadryl which have been linked in research studies to cognitive decline if used long term. Patients often have abnormal neurotransmitters, imbalanced cortisol, imbalanced hormones, or gut issues which impact their brain function so they cannot fall and/or stay asleep.  This can easily be investigated and often resolved.

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