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      Alzheimer's Disease

      Alzheimer's Disease Clinic in Arnold, MD (Annapolis, MD)

      Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? Do/Did your parents have Alzheimer’s and you are worried you may be next? Forgetting key parts of your life? Short term memory getting worse?  Walk into a room and forget why you are there?

      Alzheimer's Disease Clinic in Arnold MD

      Our Approach

      Getting the brain healthy first requires testing to determine your current brain function for memory and other cognitive abilities.  This testing takes 30-45 minutes on your home computer.

      Next, a thorough investigation into infections (including oral bacteria, gut bugs, etc), toxins, abnormal brain proteins, abnormal cell membrane fats, food reactions, epigenetic changes, and nutrient deficiencies may need to be done.

      Dr. Love has partnered with Spectracell Labs and Cyrex Labs to check into underlying causes which may be associated with Cognitive Decline. Those abnormal areas will be addressed and corrected if possible to improve and/or eliminate symptoms.  Epigenetic testing can also be done to determine what may be turning on or off you genes inappropriately.

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      269 Peninsula Farm Road, Suite D
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      Phone: (410) 734-3714
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      Located in Anne Arundel County, Arnold, MD is a suburb of Annapolis, MD. We are 6 minutes north of Annapolis. The closest airport is Baltimore Washington International Airport. We are closed on major holidays.

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