Allergy Services

A New Approach to Allergy Treatment

Have you tried allergy shots and found them too time consuming and expensive?

  • Have you been told your child cannot start allergy treatment until 5 years old?
  • Do you miss work due to allergy flare ups?
  • Did you know allergy reactions cannot only include a runny nose, wheezing, and a rash but also brain fog, aches, and fatigue?

Did You Know?

  • 12 million Americans have food allergies
  • 2.2 million school age children have food allergies
  • One in 17 children under 3 years old has food allergies

A New Approach – Sublingual Immunotherapy

Why would sublingual (under the tongue) therapy work?

First, under your tongue you have special T cells from the immune system which can down regulate allergic reactions. Second, the cells which cause the release of chemicals like histamine are very few in number under the tongue. This is an ideal place to have a therapy to help the immune system and is a low risk for severe allergic reactions.

The treatment does not involve time consuming and painful allergy shots which can lead to possible anaphylaxis. The approach Dr. Love uses is much safer and more affective due to the ease of administration and improved compliance with home therapies.

Dr. Love has been trained in and follows the LaCrosse Method. It involves obtaining a careful history from a patient, obtaining blood work or skin testing, and making a specific treatment plan. After your visit is complete, Dr. Love consults with a special compounding pharmacist to make a unique allergy formula. After observation in the office with the first dose at the follow up appointment, the patient takes the formula home for use. The unique formulas consist of either environmental allergens or food allergens. It is sprayed under the tongue in metered spray dosing for accuracy.

Children and Adults With Allergies

INITIAL CONSULT: Two hour session

During the visit an allergy questionnaire will be reviewed and a pertinent history & physical will be completed. After discussion with the patient or parent, blood testing will be ordered to determine the current extent of allergy issues. The charge for a two hour new patient visit is $710.00. A two hundred fifty dollar intake fee is required in order to make an appointment to hold your visit slot. This intake fee goes directly towards your first visit so your payment due on the day of the visit for the appointment is $460.00. Any other services performed are charged separately.


Visits are $350.00 per hour for established patients